I did this comic quite a long time ago already but I never uploaded it. I lost it together with other three : ( . The good news is that I finally had time to redraw it.


Btw, any tips that people can give me about:

  • Which pencil, paper or eraser to use? You can see that I never took any drawing course or similar.
  • How to clean the image after scanning? I use Gimp and adjust whites, bright & contrast, some filters but it takes me so long but I wonder if there is already an specialized tool for this. To be honest, I don’t have an scanner, I just take pictures with my phone.
  • Any software tool that can help me? I was using bitstrips.com for my previous comics. The tool is good but I don’t like the art that much. I prefer the xkcd style.
  • Or if you simply think that my comics suck, you can also let me know… So many years spent in academia made me sort of immune…

In any case, hope you enjoy it!


2 thoughts on “Comic #5 – Open Source World!

  1. Hi Tico,

    If you use a black marker (try Faber-Castell PITT artist pen) on smooth white paper/card (heavy cartridge paper or bristol board), it will show up well even if you just take pictures, and don’t have a scanner. The thing is to make sure the lines are crisp and sharp as possible.

    Keep drawing. It’s great.

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